Rei Ki Do Satori is a system of comprehensive energy and spiritual healing that works on all levels of being: physical, emotional and spiritual. It is based on the Usui Reiki healing system while providing 12 additional Power Channels for healing, empowerment, knowledge and opportunities for growth.

What is Usui Reiki?

Usui Reiki is a popular healing modality of laying on of hands that provides gentle and natural healing. It is based on the transmission of universal healing energy that flows from the Source through the hands of a Reiki practitioner. This energy brings health to the body, and balance and harmony to the entire being, rejuvenating both practitioner and client. Reiki also incorporates distance work. It can be learned by anyone and is especially popular with massage therapists, holistic health practitioners and even nurses.

Reiki was rediscovered in Japan in 1914 by Dr. Mikao Usui and was brought to the western world by his students after WWII. Now this healing system is practiced worldwide.

How is Rei Ki Do Satori different from traditional Usui Reiki?

  • Rei Ki Do Satori (RDS) is an evolution of Usui Reiki. Its healing capacities are stronger and more comprehensive.
  • RDS works through an energy pyramid that is placed over the person on the subtle plane. This pyramid portal provides a stronger channel and attracts many Divine Guides.
  • The energies of RDS healing modality are very high frequency and are better adjusted to the 21st century energy dynamics.
  • RDS system provides 12 additional healing energy channels that address very specific individual needs and tremendously enhance opportunities for spiritual development and life mastery.

Where did Rei Ki Do Satori originate?

The upgraded system of Rei Ki Do Satori was given to a Russian Usui Reiki master, Tatiana Alekhnovich through Divine inquiry. Later this information was published in a book and a large school in Moscow formed around these new expanded teachings. There are now hundreds of Rei Ki Do Satori masters and students in Russia and Europe, and it’s considered to be one of the fastest growing reiki schools in those regions. My mother has studied extensively with Tatiana and was given the copyright license to bring the book and the system to the US. We hope to publish an expanded version of the book in English in 2017 as co-authors with Tatiana.

What is a pyramid in Rei Ki Do Satori?

A pyramid is an energy structure that you set up around yourself or another person (may also be long distance) using four Rei Ki Do Satori symbols. The pyramid stands on the subtle plain and opens the door to the Rei Ki Channel of Divine Light. It opens the Channel in a multi-dimensional way, giving you access to more hierarchies of Divine Light beings who become your Rei Ki guides and spiritual teachers. These teachers will tremendously enhance your healing capacities and potential for self-perfection, spiritual growth and manifestation.

Rei Ki Do Satori Initiations and Degrees

RDS has a unique system of initiations (attunements) which are performed on an individual basis with the help of the powerful Rei Ki pyramid. Every initiation is preceded by a profound energy cleanse that removes blockages to energy work and increases the student’s access to healing energies. All seven chakras are attuned during initiations into the first and second Degrees, thus allowing Rei Ki energy to circulate easier through all of the student’s subtle bodies and inner energy channels. Both hand and foot chakras are attuned so that a student is always grounded. This creates a clear and harmonious energy exchange between the student, the Universe and the Earth.

  • Degree I in RDS. This is a beginning level where practitioners work mostly with themselves, their friends, family and pets. Initiation into Degree I consists of four attunements over two days. Upper Chakras and hands get activated for healing work. It is complemented by a class on theory and practical application where students learn methods and hand positions.
  • Degree II in RDS. Initiation into Degree II consists of three attunements over two days. Students receive three Rei Ki symbols into their hands and feet. This increases their healing capacities and allows them to provide more specific and individualized healing. During the class, students learn how to work with Rei Ki symbols and how to work with Rei Ki long distance and through time. They also acquire a method to heal their past traumas and cleanse and heal their family lineage.
  • Degree III in RDS. Initiation into Degree III consists of one attunement during which a student receives the fourth, most powerful Rei Ki symbol and a pyramid into their hands. A student connects to a very high level spiritual teacher, an Ascended Master, which rarely happens during the Degree III attunement into Usui Reiki. From then on, a RDS practitioner becomes a RDS Master-Healer. It opens many doors for self-improvement, self-realization and self-empowerment. It allows students to take control of their lives and manifest health, happiness and abundance for themselves and for others. During the class students learn how to work with the fourth master symbol, the pyramid and how to send it through time and space, becoming a professional healer.

Additional Rei Ki Do Satori Healing Channels

The RDS healing system provides 12 more types of Rei Ki energies, called Channels, that a RDS Master-Healer can have access to. These additional Channels are accessed through pyramids, each Channel having its own complete set of symbols and energies. Below is the list of the additional 12 Channels that a Master-Healer can use to enhance their practice and attain specific goals. Each person can choose to receive additional initiations into the Channels they feel drawn to.

1. Heal the body
2. Rise into love
3. Luck & abundance
4. Release karma
5. Creativity blooming
6. Access Divine Guidance
7. Spiritual path
8. Success in business and finances
9. Soul level partnerships
10. Learn to trust the Universal Wisdom
11. Experience your Christ Light
12. Release from darkness

Becoming a Rei Ki Do Satori Master-Teacher

There are two levels of a Master-Teacher in the RDS line.

  • The RDS Master-Teacher Gold level is able to attune the first three degrees of the RDS system AND all the additional Channels. In order to become a RDS Master-Teacher Gold level, a student must receive initiations into the first three degrees and all twelve additional RDS Channels including the RDS Master-Teacher initiation and take all corresponding classes for each Channel. This does take time and dedication.
  • The RDS Master-Teacher Silver level is the “Light” version of the Master-Teacher training and is closer to the traditional Usui Master-Teacher. The student learns to only attune the first three degrees of the RDS system, thus providing a faster path to adding this capacity to their practice. The RDS Master-Teacher Silver level may upgrade to Gold later.

Both Gold or Silver level can attune their own students and start their own professional practice making income and changing lives for the better.

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“I do the Reiki pyramid everyday before I leave my home, usually just for myself and my daughter, but often for ALL my children and my grandchildren...
My daily practice gives me a sense of well-being and confidence, as well as teaching me to focus on sending good wishes to all the people I would like to help... So, Reiki plays a big part in my life and I recommend it to everyone who needs help in dealing with something they don’t know how to handle...”
-Elizabeth Collins


  • RDS Master-Teacher Gold Package
    All Initiations and classes - $3,500
    A $4,075 value. Payment plans accepted.

    Á la carte prices:
  • RDS Degree I - $200
    ($100 for current Usui Reiki practitioners with Degree I or higher)
  • RDS Degree II - $275
    ($150 for current Usui Reiki practitioners with Degree II or higher)
  • RDS Degree III (Master-Healer) - $400
    ($200 for current Usui Reiki Masters)

  • Any RDS Channel - $200
  • Karmic Channel - $300

  • RDS Degree II (Master-Teacher Silver) - $550
    Teach and attune RDS Degrees I, II & III
    ($400 for current Usui Reiki Masters)
    Prerequisites: RDS Degrees I, II, III & Karmic Channel
  • RDS Degree III (Master-Teacher Gold) - $700
    Teach and attune to RDS Degrees I, II, III and all RDS Channels.
    ($550 for current Usui Reiki Masters)
    Prerequisites: RDS Degrees I, II, III and all RDS Channels.

Special promotions and scholarships available.